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My journey through mental health


Began with yoga and movement. These were the first communities I became a part of in my search for meaning and purpose, and, ultimately, relief from my suffering.


I was out of alignment. I was trying too hard to force my way into life, rather than allowing life to guide me. 




Community support

I was completely out of balance. I was trying to think my way through life. I had no idea why it wasn’t working out. 


Why I couldn’t make a living. Why I couldn’t find a partner. Why my friends were worried about me. Why life was so HARD. 





I run events, programs, and support men and women with their journey into alignment. 

Fact is: we all have desires for a life we want to live. We all have needs that are either unmet, or unexpressed. 

The journey from here to there is challenging, but with proper support, you can have the experience you want.